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The webinar will be on Tuesday, 14th September at 5pm CET, 10 am CST.It will be 1 hour 30 minutes long and the topic is documentation & troubleshooting, and you will receive the stream links via email before the webinar after you register. benefits of technology in the psychology research field

For more information or to request a free demo, please email the future of psychology software is the future of psychology software with all the features that any psychology researcher needs to build any kind of study. new delegated infant and children eye tracking delegated blog offers the best and most advanced webcam based infant and children friendly eye tracking available in the market today. We believe that our eye tracking algorithm is better than any other webcam based eye tracking technology and in fact really close to lab based accuracy. is not only an eye tracking software, butContinue reading “ new delegated infant and children eye tracking delegated blog” has launched a new user guide! This can help you: has launched a new user guide! This can help you:1- Learn how to use all the features in the platform.2- See how to implement your study in Troubleshoot most of the common problems that any user can face during study implementation.4- Find answers to frequently asked questions gathered from our customers’ feedback.With this new user guide andContinue reading “ has launched a new user guide! This can help you:”

The best choice to conduct a psychological study during the the crises of Covid-19

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Now with you can take a snapshot of the participant

Now with you can take a snapshot of the participant during the experiment, and this can be used to: 1- To check gender of the participants 2- To check age. 3- To check if participants wear glasses. 4- To check some other facial features. 5- To check how far the participant was from theContinue reading “Now with you can take a snapshot of the participant” New Scientific Blog new scientific blog has all the information that you need to create any kind of Eye Tracking study in platform, and it also has all the information about creating many other psychological studies like:1- Stroop Task 2- Lexical Decision Task 3- Posner Gaze Cueing4- Change Blindness Flicker ParadigmPlease click here to visit the new blog: You canContinue reading “ New Scientific Blog”

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