Why Do You choose LabVanced.com is the best choice for a researcher in the field of Child Psychology?

Labvanced.com has the best Infant and child-friendly eye tracking available in the market today, But Labvanced.com does not offer only infant and child eye tracking. Labvanced.com offers an integrated platform that provides a total solution for the researcher in the field of child psychology.  Trusted and tested by many of the big universities and LabsContinue reading “Why Do You choose LabVanced.com is the best choice for a researcher in the field of Child Psychology?”

Infant and child-friendly eye tracking system from labvanced.com

Labavanced has just released a new powerful tool for researchers in developmental cognitive psychology, studying gaze behavior in infants. Monitoring the gaze can provide powerful insights into the development of cognitive, linguistic and social processes, but young participants create a number of challenges for eye tracking researchers – especially when the research should be carriedContinue reading “Infant and child-friendly eye tracking system from labvanced.com”

Why do you choose Labvanced.com to host your Psychological or UX study?

labvanced provides a totally integrated solution for your psychological or UX study, and that means: 1-Visual Study Builder (Great and easy to use interface for even complex studies). 2-Cutting edge eye tracking software is better than anything available in the market today. 3- Infant and children friendly Eye Tracking. 4- Over 25 stimuli types andContinue reading “Why do you choose Labvanced.com to host your Psychological or UX study?”

Labvanced.com New Eye-Tracking Cutting Edge Technology

Labvanced has just released a cutting edge deep learning based eye tracking algorithm, which uses the webcam to track the gaze of participants. We are highly confident that not only is this much better than webgazer.js or other algorithms doing webcam based eye tracking, but we actually believe that the accuracy is good enough forContinue reading “Labvanced.com New Eye-Tracking Cutting Edge Technology”

Using Labvanced.com to build a psychological game or multi-user study

The new Labvanced server provides an excellent platform for psychological multi-participant and joint-action studies in which multiple participants can interact in real-time. A multi-user study allows multiple users that are on different computers to participate in the same study simultaneously and share state between them. Participants in the study are connected through a real-time networkContinue reading “Using Labvanced.com to build a psychological game or multi-user study”

Labvanced.com compared to Millisecond and Qualtrics

Let’s start with a comparison to “Inquisit Web”. The most fundamental difference here, which is also the main advantage of Labvanced, is that Labvanced runs natively in any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), and on any device (PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet) without the need for the participant to install a plugin. Most internet users andContinue reading “Labvanced.com compared to Millisecond and Qualtrics”

Labvanced.com Visual Psychological Experiments Builder

Why do you choose Labvanced for your psychological research?  1-Labvanced offers a graphical task builder and highly advanced experiment features. Temporal accuracy / RT measures are millisecond precise and spatial accuracy is pixel perfect.  2-We are open source and offer over 200 studies/templates in our open access library. 3-We offer any kind stimuli presentation andContinue reading “Labvanced.com Visual Psychological Experiments Builder”

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