new delegated infant and children eye tracking delegated blog offers the best and most advanced webcam based infant and children friendly eye tracking available in the market today. We believe that our eye tracking algorithm is better than any other webcam based eye tracking technology and in fact really close to lab based accuracy. is not only an eye tracking software, but it is a totally integrated platform that has all the features that the researcher can need to build even the most complex studies without having to use any other software.

To help the researchers implement their studies easily and smoothly and in no time on our platform, we added a new infant and children eye tracking blog to our website that has all the information that the researcher needs to implement his/her study in no time and without wasting a long time searching around for instructions.

Our new blog provides a complete manual that will guide you through the process of creating a children and infant eye tracking study in our platform. Please click here to visit our new blog:

You can also check out one of our customers success stories at:

So if you are thinking about bringing your research to and need more information you can contact us at: 

And you can also contact us through the support chat. We also will be happy to arrange a meeting for you with one of our cognitive scientists to give you the head start.

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